Bit Hit!! Thanksgiving Special ONE DAY Delivery

Thanksgiving special-one-day-deliveryWe wanted to try something different this year!!  The week before Thanksgiving, we took prepaid orders in Plano/Frisco/The Colony/Carrollton and did a ONE DAY DELIVERY the night before Thanksgiving to Plano/Frisco area!  It was a huge hit, and we’re being asked to do it again for Christmas!  If you’re interested in a ONE DAY SPECIAL DELIVERY for Christmas 2016, and you live in one of those areas, message us via our facebook page!  ***DO NOT CALL THE RESTAURANT FOR THIS SPECIAL DELIVERY!!!***  We’re not absolutely sure we’ll do it again, need to see how much interest there is first, and try to choose the right date too.  ALSO – we will do time slot pickups, one in each location.  Driving around to all of those places took 3 hours!!  So we’ll choose one location in Carrollton, and you’ll pick up from there, one location from Plano, and you’ll pick up from there, etc.  One dozen minimum, prepaid with a credit card.  We are so thankful for you all this Holiday season, we hope this can be a blessing to you!!